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Dental Intelligence:

Manage and Grow Your Practice with KC Lewis

Save hundreds of hours of administrative work every month.

  • Turn raw data into actionable growth plans
  • Improve team communication and strengthen patient loyalty
  • Make patient engagement as easy as clicking a few buttons
  • Take the hassle out of dealing with insurance
  • Get paid faster, without the headache

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A Prosperident Webinar

"Hidden in Plain Sight; How an Office Manager Stole $370K"

Dr. David Hughes, is an orthodontist practicing in northern Virginia. He is passionate about others avoiding his fate of losing $370K to one of his staff. Have a listen to his story about the investigation leading up to the recent guilty plea of his Office Manager, Lisa Anselm.

Wendy Askins, a Prosperident supervising examiner, shares her passion for the investigation of dental fraud in Dr. Hughes practice. Wendy has her MBA, CFE and has deep expertise in specialties like orthodontic practices.

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