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The PROPS Center was designed specifically to help small businesses adapt to the new environment that exists since COVID-19 ravaged our world.  The landscape for businesses is vastly different – inflation, supply chain issues, work force shortages and increasing pressure to operate more effectively and efficiently.  When you are trying to focus on your core business – whether that be healthcare or another sector – the details of running a business can detract from time spent with your patients, clients, customers.

PROPS Center is here to support businesses by saving you that most valuable resource:  your time. We have done the research, vetted the partners, worked the deals to get you the best possible products and services at a great price point. Our goal is to enable you to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce margins and find resources that will be responsive when you need them. 

Watch this site and follow us on social media because new partners are added regularly. We are excited to help you get back to work, and bring you confidence and peace of mind in finding smart solution to your business’ needs. And our ultimate goal is to save you time, ensure quality, and achieve that elusive work/life balance.

Let us know how we are doing! Want a product or service not here?  Please tell us. Looking for a better option in a specific category? Suggestions welcome! Frustrated by a service? We’d like to know. Thank you for taking a look at the PROPS Center and utilizing the services offered by our growing roster of partners.


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